Choijin Lama Temples

This monastery-museum, also known as the Museum of Religion, is located a couple of blocks south of Sükhbaatar Square. It was built between 1904 and 1908. Containing five temples it was the home of Luvsan Haidav Choijin Lama who was brother of Bogd Khan and State Oracle. There was severe religious persecution in Soviet times with many monks being killed and the monastery was closed in 1938. It survived to be re-opened in 1942 as a museum of 'the bad old days' of feudalism. Religious freedom returned to Mongolia in 1990 and the site became a museum of religion but is no longer an active monastery.

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Screen wall

Main gate

Old and new


Main temple

Incense burner

Main temple

Terrifying god


Main temple

Main temple

Old stupa

Gods of long life

Main temple

Main temple

Zuu Süm temple


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