Lama Temple & Temple of Earth

Construction of what is now the Lama Temple (or Yonghe Lamasery) began in 1694. Originally used to house court eunuchs it became the home of one of the emperor's sons before part of it became a Tibetan Buddhist temple. Today the extensive site is well maintained but sadly plagued by commercial tourism. Not far to the north is the small and little visited Temple of Earth in Ditan Park. This was built in 1530 and complemented the Temple of Heaven as a site for the emperor to make sacrifices for good harvests, but here they were made at the summer solstice.

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Old and new

Lama Temple

Incense burner

Yonghe Gate

Falun Hall

Falun Hal

Temple of Earth

Temple of Earth

Sedan chair



Emperor's tablet



Temple of Earth

Towards the altar

From the altar

Ginko avenue

Decorative hedge

Bell Tower

Ditan Park

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