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5 June
Easy drive to Torugart. Road quiet, Customs officer wanted to see any books we had so gave him a few to keep him happy, although DVDs from Famen Temple got him head scratching. Passports shown to just about everyone in uniform. Good run, scenically quite interesting. Border handover went smoothly until Kyrgyz car got puncture five minutes after start. Kyrgyz immigration easy, Customs closed for lunch so walked through. Incredible run through high plateau on brilliant day. Got to Tash Rabat, interesting, splendid scenery but spoilt by ger camp. Drive to Naryn good with several nomads taking herds to mountains. Celestial Mountains Hotel, Naryn

6 June
Good drive up to Dolon Pass where we got a short walk in, plenty of flowers to keep Eleanor happy. Rest of journey to Issyk Kul not so attractive but enlivened by another puncture. Stopped at Balykcy for lunch, puncture repair, currency. Is ATM at bank but couldn't get it to work so went into bank for cash (suspect may have been using ATM wrongly, interface was non-standard and not intuitive, got one at Karakol to work next day). Arrived Karakol, wandered, ate at restaurant up road (English menu and reasonable English spoken). Hotel Amir, Karakol

7 June
Jeti Oghuz on a nice day which began to get thundery over hills. Seven Bulls quite impressive apart from tatty village at their feet, are better formations lower down valley. Walked up valley with guide on lovely morning, very good walk. Heavy rain the day before meant parts were quite difficult for Eleanor, the the river crossing would have been tricky after the rain. Went back down, found driver who was after a day's (unsuccessful) fishing, told guide to stay with him and we would walk back down the valley to agreed point. Nice walk down but weather now threatening, fortunately the car caught us up two minutes before the rain. Hotel Amir, Karakol

8 June
Sunday Market interesting but not worth special visit. Prejewalski Museum. Cathedral. Later on our own we went to Sunday Bazaar which was intriguing. (Guide suggested a night at Sonkol Lake would have been more worthwhile than an extra one at Karakol, we weren't sure what accommodation there is like.) Hotel Amir, Karakol

9 June
Long, hot drive to Bishkek. Petroglyphs at Cholpon Ata good, as were Burana Tower and balbals. Arrived Bishkek on very hot afternoon, went for wander including Orthodox Cathedral (some big service on and interestingly Eleanor was asked to replace her hat with a scarf). Went to Arzu for dinner which was good, or not ... Silk Road Lodge, Bishkek

10 June
Michael unable to leave bedroom. Eleanor to Ala Archa with guide for good walk (not as nice scenically as Jeti Oghuz) although on 'easy' walks one bridge was girders without planks, another just two wires. Popular picnic area with a lot of litter. Silk Road Lodge, Bishkek

11 June
Both thought it wiser to stay in room. Silk Road Lodge, Bishkek

12 June
Eleanor OK, but time to get doctor to Michael (doctor, nurse, driver for 90 minutes plus drips and medicines all for $65, although think part paid for by reciprocal health agreement). Silk Road Lodge, Bishkek

13 June
Left hotel 0200, good flight except bags didn't appear on carousel at LHR. Eleanor to Medical Centre at Heathrow (phone conversation with doctor and prescriptions cost £54). Premier Inn, Hayes

14 June
We arrived home 1030, bags at 1600.

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