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Ely Cathedral - Part 6

The Lady chapel

This is reached either from the north transept or the recently built Processional Way from the north choir aisle, restoring the route used by Medieval pilgrims. The Lady Chapel was built in the mid C14th and is a wonderful example of the Decorated style architecture.

The first impression on entering is the size of the chapel. It is BIG and is the largest and most elaborate of any British cathedral. There are no chairs making it feel even larger. Light streams in through the large plain glass window and I found it almost impossible to photograph. The Medieval stained glass was destroyed after the Dissolution of the Monastery.

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral    Ely Cathedral

Round the base of the walls is elaborately carved arcading. Statues were either removed or their heads defaced during the Reformation. The walls would originally have been brightly painted and remains of this can still be seen, especially behind the altar.

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

The Millennium statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary above the altar is the only splash of colour now. The altar and metal reredos were installed in 2011.

Above is a vaulted ceiling with red bosses.

Ely Cathedral

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