Pilgrim Churches of the Llyn Peninsula

St Mary’s Church, Penllech

A tiny church set in a farmyard with views across farmland to the sea

St Mary's Church is a typical small Llyn church with a single aisle and a small bell cote at the west end. With views across to Cardigan Bay, it is surrounded by an overgrown church yard with just a farm for company. 

Penllech Church

Little is known about the church. A church was first mentioned on the site in 1254 but was rebuilt in 1840. It avoided a Victorian makeover and still retains its light, airy Georgian interior with whitewashed walls, large plain glass windows, beige woodwork and strut beam roof. The rail along the nave walls would have had pegs to hold hats during the service. The simple bench pews have a candlestick in the centre for light. Near the front are box pews for the gentry.

Penllech Church

Two steps lead up to the chancel with a tiny altar which is completely dwarfed by the large three decker pulpit with candle holders and a sounding board above with an eight ray sunburst on the under side. In front of the pulpit is a pew type enclosure with a bench cupboard.

Penllech Church

The church is no longer used and is looked after by the Friends of Friendless Churches and has been carefully restored. Judging by the height of the grass, few people visit the church.

The Church is next to Penllech Farm and is just off the B4417, to the south of the Sarn turn. The farm and church are unsigned and easily missed as coniferous trees have been planted along the side of the road. The post code is LL53 8AZ and the grid reference is SH220344. The church is left unlocked and there is parking in the farmyard.

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