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Farndale Daffodils, North Yorkshire

“A host, of golden daffodils.... beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze”

Although not strictly a garden, I have include Farndale daffodils as this is one of the few places you can see wild daffodils growing. In spring, the banks of the River Dove and surrounding hillsides are a golden mass of daffodils. They are smaller and more delicate than their big butch cultivated varieties. Tradition says they were planted by the monks of nearby Rievaulx Abbey and they are known locally as Lenten Lilies.

Farndale daffodils

Farndale daffodils

The area is a Local Nature Reserve and the daffodils are protected with strict by-laws which prohibit picking the flowers or uprooting the bulbs.

There is a lovely and very easy walk along the River Dove from Low Mill to Church Houses and back, a distance of about three and a half miles. Depending on the year, the daffodils are in flower from Mid March until the end of April.
Farndale daffodils

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