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Cawdor Castle Gardens, Aberdeenshire

The gardens were designed to be seen at their best from August to October when the family were in residence for the shooting season

Cawdor Castle is very much on the tourist and coach trip agenda and is always busy. From the outside it is a real Disney style castle with a large tower house with battlements and small corner towers, surrounded by lower buildings with crow step gables and dormer windows.

Cawdor Castle

We were disappointed by the inside of the castle which was a series of very much lived in family rooms. Another time we would admire the castle from the outside and just visit the gardens.

The castle is surrounded by a large estate and has a series of nature trails through attractive deciduous woodland.  

The walled garden is the oldest garden in the castle and was the kitchen garden. Now it is filled by a maze with low trimmed hedges.

The flower and wild garden is very attractive with trimmed yew hedges dividing up the garden, which has archways with clematis and honeysuckle and flower beds set in the grass. The best pictures of the castle are from here. 

Cawdor Castle

It is a very irregular garden with no obvious pattern apart from the large central herbaceous borders.

Cawdor Castle gardens

A few of the old fruit trees survive. There is a small square enclosed garden with a central water feature.

Cawdor Castle gardens

Cawdor was mainly used by the family during the shooting season and flower beds were designed to be at their best from August to October. In September it was a mass of colour with tobacco, dahlias, nasturtium, ageratum, aster, campanula, tradescantia, montbretia, golden rod, flox, day lilies, Turk’s cap lilies, Sedum specabile...

Cawdor Castle gardens

Unfortunately the rose beds are now very unkempt and overgrown with straggling rose bushes and lavender.

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