Isle of Man

The Sound

At the southern most tip of the island and overlooking the Calf of Man

The Sound is the southernmost tip of the Isle of Man and overlooks the Calf of Man and the even tinier Kitterland.

The Sound, Isle of Man

This is the place to come and watch for seals, basking on the rocks of Kitterland. You may be lucky and also see dolphins and basking sharks

The Sound, Isle of Man 
The Calf of Man is in the care of the Manx Wildlife Trust and has a small bird observatory. There has been a successful programme to eradicate rats which arrived after a shipwreck and decimated the bird population. Local boatmen run trips from either Port Erin or Post St Mary and it is possible to stay in bunkhouse accommodation on the island.

The actual tip itself is a fairly flat grassy plateau, surrounded by rugged cliffs. The long distance footapth, Raad Ny Foillan follows the coast from Port Erin to Port St Mary.

The Sound, Isle of Man

The Sound Visitor Centre and cafe, which opened in 2002 and cost 1million pounds, is designed to have little visual impact with its long low building and grass roof. 

The Sound, Isle of Man

The Calf of Man and Kitterland are separated by a narrow but treacherous strip of water known as Calf Sound. Many ships have been wrecked here. The most famous was possibly the Lily which ran aground on Kitterland in 1852. Her cargo included 60 tins of gunpowder bound for Africa. During the salvage operation, this exploded killing 29 men. The explosion was heard 20 miles away. They are commemorated by a memorial in Kirk Christ churchyard.

On the headland overlooking the sound is the lovely white Thousla Cross. This commemorates the bravery of Manxmen who went to give aid to a French schooner, Jeaune St. Charles" which was sailing to Londonderry in 1858. Two of the crew died but four mariners were rescued after clinging to the Thousla Rock during a south westerly gale.

The Sound, Isle of Man 

Also overlooking Calf Sound, is the Percy Cowley memorial. A simple stone pillar, this commemorates Deemster Sir Percy Cowley, an influential and foresighted Manxman who was instrumental in setting up the Manx National Trust.

The Sound, Isle of Man

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