Classical Tour of Albania

Day 3 - The Triangular Fortress

Reached by a short ferry ride from Butrint and originally built by the Venetians to help guard the Vivari Chanel

The Triangular  Fortress is across the Vivari Channel from Venetian Tower at Butrint. It is surrounded by the sea on one side and a water filled ditch on the other.

Triangular Fortress

This was originally built in the late C15th or early C16th by the Venetians in response to attacks by the Ottomans and to control access to the channel and to protect the fisheries. It was a triangular enclosure with firing loops at ground and parapet levels. There were towers at the corners and vaulted rooms along the inside of the walls were used as magazines and store rooms which provided an artillery platform. The gateway was originally protected by a bastion and ditch.

Triangular Fortress

Triangular Fortress

The French seized the fortress in 1798 and badly damaged the towers. The fortress was rebuilt by Ali Pasha and was abandoned in the 1860s.

The fortress is reached by a pontoon style chain operated ferry from Butrint. Foot passengers are charged 100 Lek for the return crossing.

Butrint ferry

Triangular Fortress

There are good views across to Butrint with the Venetian tower.

Triangular Fortress

The fortress was locked when we visited and there was no entry to it.

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