Sights of the Southern Rhine


A lovely Medieval walled town with an impressive Romanesque church

Andernach is one of the oldest towns in Germany and still has an almost complete set of walls along with the gateways into the town. There is a walk around the town with small information panels.

It is a popular berthing point for Rhine cruises and the first sight of the town is the impressive Bastion built in the C17th as a customs post and toll collection point, to control shipping on the river Rhine. The top is now a memorial to the soldiers who died in both world wars.



The Medieval walls stand to their original height round the original old town, still with their wall towers and gateways. Outside the walls, vegetables, fruit trees and wild flowers grow.

Andernach  Andernach  Andernach

The Rhine Gate or Corn Gate dating from 1200, was the main entry into the town from the River Rhine. It is a double gateway with a ‘holding’ area between.  The side facing the river was rebuilt as a mock castle. Behind is a timber frame house. The two figures on the inner gateway symbolic representations of the gatekeepers and affectionately called the ‘Baker Boys’

Rhine Gate, Andernach  Rhine Gate, Andernach

Rhine Gate, Andernach

The tall Round Tower is a prominent landmark and is the strongest of the town fortifications and even withstood an attempt by the forces of Ludwig XIV to blow it up in 1689. Only a bit of the base was damaged.

Round Tower,  Round Tower, Andernach

To the south east of the town is the remains of the Archiepiscopal castle which was was part of the Electorate of Cologne, built around 1200. It was destroyed in the C17th by French troops during the War of the Palatine Succession.

Archiepiscopal Palace, Andernach

Andernach is a very nice German town with a lot of character. It has a good range of shops and market place.




The museum is housed in a lovely late C16th building built as a palace for local nobleman for Georg von der Leyden.

Museum, Andernach

The Catholic Church of Maria Himmelfahrt  dominates the skyline of Andernach with its four tall square towers and Romanesque architecture.

Catholic Church of Maria
                Himmelfahrt, Andernach

The inside is even more impressive with its painted arches, ceiling ribs and frescoes.

Catholic Church of Maria Himmelfahrt, Andernach

There is a pleasant walkway along the river front to the ‘Old Crane’ of Andernach, situated just outside of the walls, downstream of the town. This is the site of the old harbour and the C16th crane was in use until the early C20th. It needed two to four men to work the treadwheel which rotated the crane top.  

Another half mile beyond is the world’s highest cold water geyser, reached via a Discovery Centre and a short boat trip. 

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