Romania: Mountains, Monasteries and Medieval Cities

Day Four - To Viscri

It is a short drive from Sighisoara to Viscri, through lovely unspoilt countryside

After the talk on the work of the Mihai Eminescu trust, we drove to Viscri. The main road followed the wide fertile river valley with the railway line and wooded hills in the distance. This is mainly arable with large fields with few or no boundaries. There was a string of small linear villages along the road gathered around the fortified church.

Bunesti Village, Romania

The houses were the typical Saxon houses with gates into the yard and had small vegetable gardens round them. Often there was no shop in the village, although they all seemed to have a post office.

Bunesti is a small straggling village with a fortified church at the turn off for the small road to Viscri.

Bunesti Fortified Church, Romania

There has been a lot of new development as Roma have settled in the village. Their houses are very different in style with no yards or barns. They have small patches of land across the road.

Roma settlement in Bunesti, Romania

Roma settlement in Bunesti, Romania

Viscri is five miles down a narrow rough road with a lot of potholes. It is lined with tall poplar trees with huge bunches of mistletoe growing on them. This is a pastoral landscape of hay meadows with buttercups and dandelion clocks.

Hay meadows near Viscri, romania

Cows, horses and sheep are grazing with woodland on the hillsides.
Sheep grazing near Viscri, roania

Near Viscri, Romania

Viscri is set at a T junction with the road continuing to Brasov and a road into the village. It is surrounded by woodland an pasture and is dominated by the fortified church on the top of the hill.

Viscri romania

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