Day 3 - Monreale Cathedral Cloisters

Columns decorated with carvings and mosaics

The cloisters were part of William Iís original Benedictine Monastery and were originally surrounded by a monastic wall. The monks were expelled by Garibaldi in 1951 and the cloisters are now a tourist attraction.

The cloisters form a quadrangle on the south side of the cathedral and are lined with over 200 double columns supporting Arabic style arches.

Monreale Cathedral Cloisters

There are alternating plain columns and columns decorated with bands of mosaics.

Monreale Cathedral Cloisters

In the south east corner is a small fountain which served as the Monkís lavatorium and is surrounded by carved and mosaic decorate pillars.

Monreale Cathedral Cloisters

Monreale Cathedral Cloisters

The carving depicts scenes from the Bible like this picture of Adam and Eve trying to hide their nakedness as well as scenes of animals and plants. like the person picking grapes.

Monreale Cathedral Cloisters     Monreale Cathedral Cloisters

The carved capitals at the top of the columns are all different.

Monreale Cathedral Cloisters

Monreale Cloisters

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