Norse or Click Mills

Dounby Click Mill, Orkney

The last surviving example of a horizontal water mill on Orkney.

Dounby Click Mill, near Kirbuster Farm Museum, has been carefully restored to working order. It was built around 1823 and was in use until the 1880s. It is a small dry stone building with a turf covered roof  and entered through a single doorway.

Dounby Click Mill

Water was brought along a stone slab channel into the base of the mill.

Dounby Click Mill

Dounby Click Mill

This mill is unusual as it had a double paddle
Dounby Click Mill

This rotated the upper millstone in the meal house. Grain was fed through a hopper which was jiggled by a clapper which was struck each time the millstone rotated, producing the characteristic clicking noise. The ground flour was collected in a wooden chest.

 Dounby Click Mill

The mill is open all hours and is in the care of Historic Environment Scotland.  The nearest post code is KW17 2JB and the grid reference is HY325228.  There is a map here.

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