Central Tramway, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

A small piece of Scarborough history

Scarborough developed high above the beach and five cliff railways were built to carry holiday makers between the town and beach. Now only two remain, the Spa Cliff Lift and the Central Tramway
Scarborough Central Tramway

The Central Tramway opened in 1881 running from Foreshore Road to Harcourt Place. It climbs 80 at a gradient of 1:2.8.Initially worked by steam power, it was converted to electric drive in 1910.  The cars were damaged by fire in 1975 and were replaced by new aluminium cars. These were painted in the original livery of dark red and white.

The two cars are connected by strong steel ropes running over a central pulley. the system is driven by a 60hp electric motor at the top station.  The weight of the descending car helps pull the ascending car. The cars are controlled by the operation room at the top station.
Scarborough Central Tramway

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