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Faroe & Iceland Index
Faroe Pictures
Iceland Pictures


Pictures, problems etc

General Tourism
Icelandic Tourist Board - official site (temperamental in some browsers)
East Iceland - useful local information
South Iceland - general site
Sudurland - official South Iceland site
Westfjords - site for the remote northwest of Iceland
West Iceland - tourism site for the west
Kortasystem - clickable tourist map of roads and sites
Kort Ganga - another clickable map, nicer maps, poorer information
Icelandic Farm Holidays - accommodation in farms and guest houses
Hostelling International Iceland - budget accommodation
Edda Hotels summer only hotels in schools etc
Smyril Line - ferry from Denmark, Faroe. Norway and Scotland


Government and reference
Iceland Government Offices links to all departments and recent news
Customs Directorate information for travellers re allowances and taking cars to Iceland
Icelandic Road Administration - general information about roads, current conditions and traffic levels
Safe Driving in Iceland road safety information
Iceland Post details of postal services
Iceland's Parliament - the Althingi's site
Icelandic Meteorological Office - forecasts and statistics about climate
National Parks site for all National Parks and protected areas
Iceland Forest Service Icelandic with English version due
National Land Survey of Iceland - the official mapping agency
Icelandic-English Dictionary Webster's


Portals and general information
Bookmarks for Iceland all sorts of links
Nordic Adventure Travel informative and useful site
Iceland Worldwide similar but not as detailed
Iceland on the Web - general tourism portal
Samkoma - a great portal for links to everything from A to Z (well, V actually)
Travelnet - general portal


Specialist and personal sites
Geology of Iceland Site by a Professor at the University
Iceland4me and Destination Iceland personal site with much information
Culture in Iceland, museums, events, festivals
Myvatn Research Station plants, animals and geology - technical but interesting
Nordic Volcanological Centre - even more technical about vulcanism

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