Lanmeur - Church of St M四ar - panel on pulpit

M四ar, heir to the Kingdom of Cornouaille in the C6th and only seven, was seen as a threat by his uncle Rivod.
Rivod arranged for M四ar's food to be poisoned but when M四ar blessed his food while saying grace the poison showed itself.
Assassins were sent but could not bear to carry out their assignment and returned to Rivod to beg for mercy for the boy.
They were sent back to cut off the boy's right hand and left foot so he would be unable to ride and fight with a sword.
M四ar was fitted with a silver hand and bronze foot which miraculously became usable and grew with the boy.
After various instances of thwarted skullduggery M四ar, now a pious and popular young man, was beheaded.
Oxen (or maybe white horses) refused to pull his funeral cart any further when it snapped in two in Lanmeur.
This was taken as a sign that God wanted M四ar to be buried at that spot, over which the church was later built.

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