France 2011 - Facts and Information

Day by Day 1: Guengat

A week based between Quimper and Douarnenez

Arrival in Brittany
Maison Cornec & Pleyben
Around Pont-Croix
Cast & Ch'neuf du Faou
Spézet & Trévarez
To Crozon
Camaret & Crozon
Concarneau/St Maurice
Manoir de Kerazan
Plogonnec & Le Juch
Poul Fetan
Village de l'An Mil

Malestroit & Lizio
Around Carnac
Erdeven & St Cado
Vraie-Croix & Guégon
Around Castennec
Quelven & Guémené
Château de Suscinio
Rhuys Peninsula
Locmariaquer 1
Locmariaquer 2

Forges des Salles
Beyond Brest
St Thégonnec
To Guerlesquin
N of Morlaix
Côte des Bruyéres
Around Tréguier
Around Berrien
S of St Thégonnec
Moulins de Kerouat
To La Martyre
S of Landivisiau
La Roche Maurice
Château de Kerjean

September 3
Off boat at Roscoff as it was getting light and headed south on ordinary roads. Arrived in Le Faou and parked near church before town was awake on a beautiful morning and then had a general look around the centre. Got ourselves some bread for lunch and some vegetables before moving on. Headed for
Daoulas which was busier and less attractive. Nice houses on streets up to abbey. Church plain but interesting, abbey site pleasant without much to see. Got a 'passport culturel' for Finistère which gives discounted entry to museums etc, worthwhile. Then inland through nice wooded country to Brasparts and on to St Rivoal, a very quiet little village, to see Maison Cornec. This very interesting preserved C18th farmhouse. Went up to Montagne St Michel (good road, large park) for view, but very hazy. Back to Brasparts where we had spied a large SPAR shop to stock up on food (and cider) for the next few days and confirm how limited Michael's and how non-existent Eleanor's French were. Then round nice church. On to Pleyben - fairly busy with tourists - for its splendid church. After that through Châteaulin which was busy, nearly got lost as direction sign as you come off the big bridge that avoids the centre is badly positioned. Near Guengat discovered good Super U just outside Plogonnec at junction for Guengat. On to Guengat to find cottage.

September 4
A dull morning so went to investigate Guengat village and church. Then on to Chapelle St Thégonnec which is down a lane off the road to Plogonnec (only signed from one direction) and first of many small chapels we were to visit buried off the beaten track. Then headed to the Penmarc'h area via Ploven to find some more chapels, now in full sun. Stopped at Chapelle Notre-Dame de Tronoën for splendid Calvary, but church interior bland. Just down road is Chapelle de Beuzac which was pleasantly quiet place for a picnic. Then to St Pierre at Penmarc'h Head with its three lighthouses. Returned through Loctudy where C12th church was good.

September 5
To Confort-Meilars for church with interior carillon then to Pointe de Millier for walk on good coastline, nearby is Moulin de Keriolet, working water mill. Then to Pointe de Brézellec for more good walking. Pointe du Van next, huge car park, heavy visitor pressure on paths and disappointing views but if you head west is better. Didn't bother with Pointe du Raz as it was obviously heaving with humanity (but the biscuiterie nearby was worth a visit - the chocolate kouign amann from there was to die for). Afternoon in Pont-Croix, pleasant town with nice church and interesting walking route to discover its history.

September 6
Windy, dull so abandoned plans for coast and headed to Montagnes Noires first to Cast then Chapelle St Gildas. On to Chapelle Notre-Dame de Tréguron which is reported to have splendid interior but was shut. Next to Châteauneuf du Faou, nice little town and firmly shut for lunch. Next to Spézet for Chapelle Notre-Dame du Crann with its splendid glass and retables. Next to Château de Trévarez, last of great houses built in 1892 and currently being restored, still dull but some nice walking in grounds.

September 7
Heading for Crozon area and called in at Landévenec for Abbey of St Guénolé which was not over-exciting. Then to Lanvéoc and drove up to Fort Belvedere for views. Next to Pointe des Espagnols to see old fortifications. West side has pleasant views from road but a lot of military no-go areas. To Camaret (road along front full of parked cars, hint - use large, empty car park at top of Rue Général Leclerc), Chapelle de Notre-Dame de Rocamadour and Tour Vauban by the harbour both interesting. Had a look at Lagatjar alignments on way out of town. Went to Pointe de Dinan, busy car park but very few people and some good walking. Next to Lostmarc'h, small hamlet with limited parking but nice track from end of settlement towards coast, would have been good for walking but getting late. Finally to Crozon which is pleasantly busy town with interesting church.

September 8
Low cloud and drizzle, not good. Went to Concarneau and spent morning wandering around Ville Close, the island walled town. Tourist trap but rigid control on development keeps it in check so had interesting amble. On to Manoir de Kernault, C15th manor house, splendid building but major disappointment as inside full of intrusive and totally unrelated exhibition. Then Abbaye de St Maurice, very little left but good audio tour and interesting.

September 9
More cloud and drizzle. Went to Locronan, a marvellously preserved old linen town where cars are effectively banned during the day. After that to Manoir de Kerazan with interesting rooms and improving weather. Called in at Plogonnec to look at church then to Chapelle St Pierre in the Bois de Nevet, chapel closed but interesting spot with plenty of walks around. Ended up in Le Juch, very pleasant village which looked as though it had once been more important. Church shut, but someone appeared with a key and it proved to have a pleasant interior.

September 10
Moving on today (dull again) so a fast run to Poul Fetan, intriguingly restored C16th village. Then to Village de l'An Mill where dull had changed to steady rain so we braved the village (reconstructed next to its original site) as it would have been in the year 1000, interesting to see and reflect on how grim life must have been then. Weather improving so called in at St Nicolas des Eaux for walk by river and to visit the chapel with interesting timber carving. Then to Plumelec and our base for the next week. (Back to Top)

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