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Day by Day 2: Plumelec

A week further east in Morbihan

Arrival in Brittany
Maison Cornec & Pleyben
Around Pont-Croix
Cast & Ch'neuf du Faou
Spézet & Trévarez
To Crozon
Camaret & Crozon
Concarneau/St Maurice
Manoir de Kerazan
Plogonnec & Le Juch
Poul Fetan
Village de l'An Mil

Malestroit & Lizio
Around Carnac
Erdeven & St Cado
Vraie-Croix & Guégon
Around Castennec
Quelven & Guémené
Château de Suscinio
Rhuys Peninsula
Locmariaquer 1
Locmariaquer 2

Forges des Salles
Beyond Brest
St Thégonnec
To Guerlesquin
N of Morlaix
Côte des Bruyéres
Around Tréguier
Around Berrien
S of St Thégonnec
Moulins de Kerouat
To La Martyre
S of Landivisiau
La Roche Maurice
Château de Kerjean
September 11
Woke to heavy rain so didn't rush. Went to explore Plumelec and get some bread. Had look in C19th church with nice glass. Headed for Rochefort-en-Terre to find good weather in this very pleasant town that retains many medieval aspects so had a good explore. Later to Les Pierres Droites, menhirs in evocative forest setting. Then to Malesroit, town with tremendous character. Brief stop in Lizio, pleasant village. Finally to Callac (the one near Trédion) with C16th fountain, C20th grotto and C16th Chapelle St Joseph on a fantastic evening.

September 12
Low cloud and increasing rain. Eleanor said Carnac would be very busy from early so must leave in good time, got caught in Vannes rush hour traffic, got to Carnac to be first in huge car park. Had a look at the various alignments visible by walking from various car parks along the road. Also went to Kercado tumulus and Petit-Ménec alignments both of which get few visitors (Petit-Ménec very nice as in wood and can wander among them). Back to Maison des Megaliths visitor centre (good but expensive on books, poor on post cards). Next to Dolmens Mané-Kerioned with interesting carvings in chamber. Then to Crucuno where huge dolmen in village and quadrilateral about 30 minutes walk away (kept thinking it wouldn't rain but it did - long way back - take jacket next time), then drove to Dolmen de Mané Croc'h just down the road. Next to Erdeven and Kerzerho alignments, very good as you can walk among them. On way back to car park is poorly signed path to Giants of Kerzerho which are huge menhirs. Erdeven has simple church and good bakery. Finally to St Cado to walk across to island with lovely chapel restored to C12th state. Back via Intermarché at Elven to shop for the next few days.

September 13
Bread bought in Plumelec then down to have a look at Elven (workaday but OK) with its huge C19th church. To Elven Towers for opening time to find place shut on Tuesdays. Change of plan so to La Vraie Croix which is delightful village full of flowers and with fascinating C13th chapel up some steps (looked shut but was open). Next to Guégon, nice town with good Romanesque church. Then to Josselin, splendid medieval town which was quiet and much freer of tourists than we had expected, spent long time wandering and in Church of Notre-Dame du Roncier which is huge. Had booked tour round Chateau du Rohan which is only way to get in. French language only in September, started late, was huge group of 40+ of us going round and rooms not really very interesting, waste of time and money. Gardens and view from terrace good though. Heading home we stumbled upon lovely Manoir de Lemay. Guéhenno is nice village with ordinary church but a superb Calvary. Popped into Cruguel for a quick look which has some nice C17th houses. Back to cottage on lovely evening so went for an explore round lanes with dog from nearby farm as self-appointed guide.

September 14
Bright morning as we headed north-west and called in at La Chapelle-Neuve, pleasant village deserted at 0930 and with a big church sadly closed. Next to St Adrien, tiny hamlet  with interesting chapel being restored. On to Church of St Nicodème, a major local landmark, which was closed on this day and, like a lot of churches, undergoing major restoration. Stopped at Site de Castennec for the view then down to Ermitage St Gildas in pleasant valley. Look around Bieuzy with old houses around (shut) church then to Melrand, pleasant place with plain but nice church. Stopped in Quelven, very pleasant with imposing Church of Notre-Dame. Guémené-sur-Scorff is a pleasant little town with fragmentary remains of its castle and wall. Finally to Kernascléden where the Church of Notre-Dame (more restoration) has amazing wall and ceiling paintings.

September 15
Beautiful day as we called in at Elven for bread (good bakery opposite church) then headed to the peninsula on the south side of the Gulf of Morbihan. Called at the salt pans at Le Hezo for a walk then to the lovely, restored Château de Suscinio with amazing assortment of early medieval tiles (good audio guide). Called in at Sarzeau, busy and unexceptional, then round the coast past the oyster beds at Bénance and Gulay. Headland beyond Brillac has small park and nice walk along the shore but this part of peninsula is fairly heavily developed. Next to Arzon for Cairn du Petit Mont which is an amazing structure. Tidal mill of Moulin de Pen Castel interesting to see, later called in at Tumiac Tumulus, not worth the effort as just a large lump covered in vegetation. Finally to St Gildas du Rhuys, nice little village with impressive abbey church.

September 16
Fast run to Crac'h and down to see the river at Fort Espagnol before heading to Locmariaquer with its remarkable collection of megalithic sites. Then parked (with some difficulty) in centre of town which is pleasant if touristy. Drove (with some confusion thanks to road works) to Pointe de Kerpenhir with good views. Back towards Plumelec to visit The Fortress of Largoët (or Elven Towers), about 15 minutes walk down a forest track (gently uphill coming back) to remains of impressive buildings. Final call at Dolmen de la Loge au Loup near Trédion before return to Plumelec. (Back to Top)

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