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Travel Agents
We used Audley Travel who do tailor-made trips to a wide range of places.

For group or tailor-made you might also consider Regent Holidays and Intourist.

General Golden Ring Information
There are a number of websites that are worth looking at. Intourist in Russia have quite a good page about the area.

More detailed is the site of Visit Russia has a lot of information on the country but also detailed information on each town in its Golden Ring Photo Gallery (in fact the information is better than the photos).

Way to Russia is another agency whose site has a lot of general Russian information, with a very good Golden Ring section.

Russia InfoCentre is a news and general site with pages on the Provinces of Vladimir, Kostroma and Yaroslavl but also covers all regions of Russia.

Wikipedia's article about the Golden Ring is under Zalesye and has the usual range of useful links.

Local Information
Tourism in Vladimir covers Vladimir, Bogolyubovo and Suzdal with a wealth of information about all the sites. There is also a lot of general information, but check the date at the bottom of each page to see how old it may be.

The Vladimir-Suzdal Museum Reserve has details of the sites in its care and the towns' history.

This page about Sergiev Posad's Kremlin is useful and is part of the local museum's site, the rest of which appears to be in Russian.

This site on Yaroslavl area is nearly all text but has links to more information about all the things it mentions.

Kommersant is and on-line paper but is has pages about all Russia's regions (this link is to Vladimir, you can use the links in its side column to Kostroma, Yaroslavl - or anywhere else).

Information about Russia
Guide to Russia covers a range of topics.

The Russian National Tourist Office in London has a limited site with a range of information.

'Around the Golden Ring of Russia' by Bychkov and Desyatnikov was published in Moscow by Planeta in 1988 (and maybe others at other times). Whilst it has some typical Soviet stuff about new flats it is quite a worthwhile introduction with some interesting pictures from then. It can usually be found cheaply through Amazon or other second hand book sites. Incidentally if you get it in those days Sergiev Posad was called Zagorsk.

'The Golden Ring' edited by Irina Lvova and Irina Kharitonova and published by P-2 Art Publishers in 2007 is a 134 page book with good pictures. It seemed to be widely available on bookstalls in the Golden Ring, but unavailable in UK. It's worth getting if you see it. ISBN is 978-5-93893-375-0.

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