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These addresses are correct at the time of writing, but they do seem to change frequently so it may be necessary to edit the URL to get the current version. Some Greenland websites are a little quirky. All these links will open in a new browser window.

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East Greenland 2008 Index
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Pictures, problems etc

General tourism
Official Greenland Tourist Board site (which we have found to cause some problems).

Greenland Guide is the official travel index and a good general tourist site including links to towns and regions, and travel and accommodation.

North Greenland tourist site.

East Greenland tourist site.

Weather forecast for Greenland in Danish (English version does not cover Greenland).

Arctic Umiaq Line, the ferry company (can be slow to load).

Air Greenland - main air service provider.

Arctic Adventure - Greenland's largest tour operator with links to local agents.

Profil Rejser, the Danish agent we used for our trip.

The hotels we stopped at. Hotel Narsarsuaq and Hotel Arctic at Ilulissat.

Portals and general information
Greenland history from the Smithsonian Institute.

Norse in Greenland - from the Narsaq Tourist Office site.

Greenland - a wide-ranging but simple site from Randburg.

Greenland Home Rule Government site.

Nuuk, the capital, municipality website.

Danish Government site's page on Greenland.

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