5 Fløien
The mountain above Bergen, reached by funicular from the city centre
At 1,000 feet Fløien has a lot to offer, whether you just want to admire the view or get some exercise. If you go up after you've been on Hurtigruten you're sure to meet fellow passengers!

Fløibanen - the easy way up
The funicular (modernised in 2002) runs at least every 15 minutes throughout the day. As well as leisure use its intermediate stops cater for people who live in Skansemyren. Kindergartens have priority at certain times. It can get very busy - when there in March 2002 snow on the hills meant we saw long midday queues at the bottom station of Norwegians with skis and sleds.

Fjellveien - the hard way up
If you need the exercise and are keen you can walk up, first on roads then on good paths. A lot of Bergensers seem to do this on Sunday afternoon. Needing the exercise but not being keen we rode up and walked down on several occasions. The views are good and there are various routes, but if you keep going down you'll reach some part of Bergen.

What's up there?
By the top station there is a kiosk, kids' playground, restaurant and viewing area. Everyone takes a picture of Vågen and Nordnes. (Click here for a new window with the view right now!)

There are also a number of paths - some lit when it's dark - through the forest and also onto the fjell (real mountain country). There are a few lakes too, all in all a very attractive area.

Walking on Fløien
Ask for a 'Walking Map' at the bottom station. This will show you the main paths and waymarked routes.

As we like walking we have spent some time exploring up there. Our favourite walk is to follow Route 5 past the restaurant, cut up to and round Skomakerdiket, then follow Route 1 past Brushytten and Storediket back to Fløien. We like to go up Rundesmanveien onto the fjell near Blåmanen, an easy walk. (Numbers refer to the old Gledeskartet - which we think was better than the new version - a scan of which is here.)

The main paths are very well surfaced, but some of the linking paths are rough and can be wet. Stout footwear is advisable.

If you do intend to do any harder walking don't underestimate Fløien. Although paths are good take normal hill walking precautions if you intend to go any distance. The higher ground off the main paths is serious stuff. In winter the top can be a lot colder than the city centre. Paths can be very slippery when snow is melting.

Some people think it's an easy walk from Fløien to Ulriken (the mountain with the cable car) because it looks quite close. In fact it is a long, hard walk - there's a large valley and lake in the way.

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