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Bergen, Fløien, Norway in a Nutshell, Trondheim and other towns plus Norway TICs
External links to a number of sites connected to places and things referred to in this site. Also some general Norwegian tourist links. External links should automatically open in a new window.

Bergen's official site has useful information and links.

The Bergen Guide is also good. Its Articles link leads to a lot of interesting pages. The Free Maps link will give you pdf downloads, Maps #1 and #2 are worthwhile.

Some sites about attractions are Håkon's Hall, Hanseatic Museum, Gamle Bergen and Fantoft Stave Church. There is also an interesting new Bergen history site produced jointly by several of the Bergen museums.

If you are interested in historical geography try the Urban Lives study of Nordnes. You must click in the square on the picture to start, then on areas marked on maps. (This fascinating site has recently gone back on the web after being absent for some time. Some links seem to be broken or missing so you might find it helps if you open links in a new window.)

Local transport is run by Tide. There is alsoa powerful, web-based local travel information service called web2051 which is available in English and German.

Fløien is visited by just about everyone. The Fløibanen funicular site is good. For walking see the Mountain hiking link - both map downloads there are useful (the detailed map is exellent if enlarged to 300-400%).

Norway in a Nutshell
The name applies to a number of trips from/to Bergen and Oslo and there is no official website as such. Of interest may be these from Fjord Tours (nice pics), and Fylkesbaatane who run the ferry part of the trip. There is also a site for the Flam Railway.

Trondheim sites are disappointing compared with Bergen. There is an official city site and a tourist information site. There is also a site for the Cathedral.

You can get a limited city centre map (Hurtigruten quay is off the top right of the map as this copy of the brochure map shows you.)

Tram details are here.

Local buses are run by Team Trafikk (for route details click on the second link on the left, which will say something like 'Sommerbussruter'.) There is a route map, (46 and 52 to Pirterminalen for Hurtigruten) and city centre stops. (For hard-core and really sad anoraks* Bussorakel will work - and reply - in English if you just use the first two types of question!)

Information can be found here.

General information from Destinasjon Bodø and a site for the excellent Aviation Museum.

General information from Destinasjon Tromsø with some interesting articles and good pictures.

There is a site run by Hammerfest Turist.

All Norway
Norway's official tourist site is www.visitnorway.com which has recently become all singing and dancing and is now, sadly, a good example of how fancy design gets in the way of providing information.

Click here to see current exchange rate for Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Using these links
Where possible an English version has been linked to here. Look for name of your language or a flag. Where only Norwegian is available look out for:

Hjem or Hovedside = Home
Søk = Search (remember to use æ, ø, å)
Kart = Map
Bild = Pictures

* These may be interested in this link on Bergen's proposed LRT.



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