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News and general information
NRK is the Norwegian broadcasting company. NRK Nyheter (nyheter = news) is the news section of their website. There are regional pages. It has an efficient search engine (enter in Søk box, click Vis) but is all in Norwegian. Hele Saken = Whole Story.

Aftenposten from Oslo is a major Norwegian paper and has a limited version in English.

BBC World Service frequency infomation is here and you will normally get the Middle Eastern service.

ODIN is an information site run by the Norwegian Government. It has an English index. It is a rather unfriendly site, but exploration is worthwhile as you can turn up pages like this one about whales from the Ministry of Fisheries.

Here is useful general information portal for Norway.

There are a number of on-line dictionaries. This one from Travlang is for Norwegian to English (look for the tesxt box in the middle of the page). This from Freedict goes both ways and covers other languages too.

Free Translation translates English to Norwegian (including web pages). It seems quite good, but is often too busy to work.

Weather and day length
wunderground.com can give you a lot of information. If you click here you will get a list of places in Norway with current weather conditions (can be slow to load). If you click on a place you will also get a forecast for the next six days, astronomical information and access to seasonal averages.

Particularly helpful is the Historical data which will let you see what the weather has been like on any day for the last nine years. Using this will give you an idea of what weather you might expect at a particular time of year. BUT this does not seem to work for all of the previous year, so start with the earliest year and work forward.

A simple site giving current weather and six day forecast is here.

Live Weather Images provide more detailed information about sunrise, sunset and twilight for any location, but it is more complicated to use.

Here are two map sites which can be useful. The first is in Norwegian. You must use correct Norwegian letters, eg æ, ø, å if you use Seek (Søk).

Click here for the map on the Aftenposten site. "Kart" will give you a map which you can zoom. "Satellitt" will give you a satellite picture - you may have to zoom out to get good definition. For Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø the satellite option is replaced by "Flyfoto" which gives very good aerial photos.

If you don't know where to click on the map enter an address and click "Søk". If you don't have a real address try this:

Adresse = torg
Nr. = 1
Posted = town you want to see

Click "Søk" and then click one of the addresses offered. (This will probably work because 'torg' is likely to be in a street name in a Norwegian town!)

There is a government site called Norguide , but here you choose the function (eg zoom -/+) before clicking on the area you want.The Place Search is quite good if you just put a town name in.

There are a number of sites which may be of interest. The nearest to an official site is Nordlys which has a lot of interesting information. Photographers may find this at Nature Photographers helpful, as well as this by Jan Curtis and yet another one by Jan. There are a number of good links off all of these.

Webcams and pictures
You can see views from webcams throughout Norway. Unfortunately since first writing this page a number of these cameras are not working.

There are two sites we have found of commercial aerial photos which often give an unusual view of a place. Both sites' pictures are commercial and watermarked. Go to Flyfoto which will give you a list of places. The contrast of some of these is poor - if you download one you may be able to improve resolution in PhotoShop or whatever to have a look at it - but as it is a copyright picture please do not keep it. Geomatikk Aerial gives you a Search facility (remember æ, ø. å) but seems to have restricted coverage, though the initial quality is better.

If you go to Google, click "Images", enter a placename and click "Search" you may get some good results. (For ships put "MS ship's name" in inverted commas as shown.)

Using these links
Where possible an English version has been linked to here. Look for name of your language or a flag. Where only Norwegian is available look out for:

Hjem or Hovedside = Home
Søk = Search (remember to use æ, ø, å)
Kart = Map
Bild = Pictures



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