Denniston Bridle Track Top

"Damn Denniston, Damn the Track, Damn the way both there and back, Damn the wind and damn the weather, God damn Denniston altogether!"

The Bridle Track was built in 1884 and provided an alternative to walking or riding the incline.
Taking three hours to climb (but only two to descend) it was better but still not popular with some.
Many wives who arrived by incline refused to go down it they were so frightened by their single journey up it.
Another also hated the Bridle Track so much that she did not leave the plateau for 14 years until the construction of a proper road in 1902.
Schoolchildren had good reason to regret the construction of this track - the school inspector, who had refused to use the incline, could resume his visits.
Denniston had a population of some 1,500 in 1911, but it is now in single figures.

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